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On a mission
to keep dogs healthy, happy, and home.

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The Doris Fund

If you've ever lost a dog, you know it's a loss unlike any other. In memory of my dog Doris, who my family lost too soon to undetected canine cancer, we're committed to raising funds to help dogs find a loving home to keep them safe and healthy. The Doris Fund is a testament to the enduring love between a dog and its family. We've partnered with the Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, an animal rescue shelter with a drive to be a leader in animal welfare.


Together, we can help make sure homeless pups stay healthy, happy and find their furever family.

-Alex Narlee, Co-Owner & CEO of Honestly Good Marketing

How much would you like to give to help homeless dogs in need?

Ready to make your donation?

*Please note The Doris Fund is not a registered charity. Donations benefit Baypath Humane Society, a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Donate $40 or more and we'll send you a special TDF t-shirt as a thank-you!

Thank you for supporting The Doris Fund! All donations benefit Baypath Humane Society in Hopkinton.

Doris' Story

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Doris' Story

Anyone who knew Doris understood she was truly one-of-a-kind. Half bulldog and half beagle, Doris was a strong-willed, stubborn and independent pup with endless energy. She also had a knack for making people laugh at her quirky antics, and was the antidote for a bad day with her incredibly sweet demeanor.

When Alex and her wife found out Doris had cancer, it was only days before they ended up losing her. Most disappointingly, Alex was pregnant with their first child and looking forward to watching a relationship blossom between Doris and future Baby Raegan. After they said goodbye, Alex felt compelled to do something to honor Doris and the immensely positive impact she made on their life. She began volunteering her website design skills to local animal rescues, and founded The Doris Fund to raise money for local dogs in need of safety, health, and a family.

Our Friends at Baypath

The Doris Fund will be raising money on behalf of Baypath Humane Society for its first inaugural fundraiser. Our beloved Doris was adopted from Baypath in 2015 and we admire the hard work and community relationships this rescue maintains. Baypath was founded in 1977 and serves as a triage for homeless animals in critical need, and a major adoption center for over 1,000 animals.

We're proud to support Baypath and its wonderful crew of dedicated staff as part of Doris' legacy.

P.S. Looking to help an adorable pup find its furever family? Check out Baypath's dogs waiting to be adopted!

Home is Where the Dog is

The Doris Fund © is a charity run by Honestly Good Marketing LLC out of Massachusetts. Honestly Good Marketing LLC does not keep any funds donated to The Doris Fund and does not seek to benefit monetarily from the donors in any way. We love animals and simply want to help good people do good work.

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