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Cementing those constantly moving goalposts...

Welp, we missed posting last month but I’m back on my A game and have another topic I’d like to talk about - how society, especially America, keeps moving the goalposts for the working class. 

Growing up, it was hammered into us that if you go to college and work hard enough, that you’ll be successful. That, along with the nuclear family ideal and trickle-down economics were all packaged as the “American Dream”, something that turned into a nightmare somewhere along the way. A recent study said a person has to be making $96,500 for “sustainable comfort” in a major U.S. city, and a family must make over $300k to raise two kids comfortably in six cities - Boston being one of them. Add to that the fact the minimum wage is abysmal, the worsening job market, not posting salaries upfront on job boards - you can see how we’re in trouble.

It’s one of the reasons why Alex and I started this company - it can be exhausting living in the trenches and pumping out some of your best creative work, and struggling to make ends meet. Growing up as kids of two small business owners, it can be a similar experience in the way that some months can be full of business, and some are tight - so we thought why not put our talents together and help people be fruitful all year round?

A website may seem trivial, but it’s the first thing most people see when they go looking for a service, and first impressions are everything. If your website is broken, inaccessible or just plain confusing, you’re actively losing business. Why not make sure that your site is working as hard as you are? 

Now like all the best things in life, it’s going to take some time to truly dig in and make you a beautiful site, which is why our process requires a ramp up period where we’re researching, auditing and sketching out a wire frame to present to you. From there, it’s going to be a lot of rounds of feedback, which is also why we like to call this a marketing partnership than a typical agency - getting everything right is based on teamwork.

So if you’re unhappy with your current site, have been procrastinating it or are going to be starting a new biz, we’d love to chat with you about moving the goalposts closer and bringing in some easy wins.


For our monthly Honestly Great Marketing/ Honestly Bad Marketing installment:

Honestly Great:

I’ve been a fan of Meundies marketing for a long time, to the point where I legit wrote them an email regarding one that had me so speechless, I was compelled to tell them how perfect it was, so it’s no surprise they hit it out of the park again.

First off - the subject line is great, proper use of emojis (red will snag anyone’s eyes in an inbox) and 66% off is insane. Okay, I’m hooked and they’ve secured an open from me. Great pic (which please note did switch back and forth from this to another picture, I think one of people lounging) then we get to the first line of copy “WHO LET THIS HAPPEN???”. Got an immediate smile out of me, then a reminder of the subject line in bold, and a confirmation, yes that is heavily discounted. Then a short and sweet logic, straight to the point then the clear Call to Action.

Bonus points for the “We post butts. Lots of butts.” Social call to action right before the footer. 10/11, and yes, I did purchase a pack - I also bought two pairs of comfy pj pants too. So congrats Meundies, and I look forward to supporting more flawlessly executed marketing!

Honestly Bad:

Oh Chuck, where to begin?

Alex gave me these screenshots and I agree with the points she’s made on this:

  • He guarantees things that you cannot ethically (or legally, probably) guarantee

  • He uses misogynist language, even if he doesn't realize it ("no doesn't mean no" - are you kidding me lol)

  • He undervalues the long-game process of marketing

Long story short - Don’t be like Chuck. Check out our social media content and start playing the long game to maintain your profitability for years to come.

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