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Hitting setbacks as a small business owner is not for the faint of heart...

Hello again!

This month we’re talking about setbacks. Sometimes it feels like in life we’re perpetually going one step forward, two steps back, and as a small business owner, it can be especially frustrating when the stakes are needing reliable income to support your family every month. 

So you do what every marketing webinar tells you to do: invest in ads to broaden your business, only for it to not bring in anyone, or bring in the wrong clientele. You send emails out, but no one is clicking or opening them. You invest in an easy website building company and set up the website yourself, but nothing is moving. You’re stuck in a vicious cycle and then all the doubts start creeping in - was this the right choice for me? Am I meant to own a small business or should I give up and start down another path?

Now, giving up might seem like the best option, but what about all the time and effort you put into this? What about that initial spark that had you say “Wow - I want to do this for a living and make it work for me”? Well if that’s still burning somewhere, we want to help fan the flames.

Here at HGM, we evaluate everything you’re doing and help you set up foundations for long-lasting growth. We look at marketing like farming - we’re tilling the soil, picking the seeds we think work best for you, and then watering and waiting for them to come to fruition. Then, if some don’t bloom, we pivot and change the strategy, copy, calls to action, design or focus on the fruit that did bloom and see how we can apply that to the struggling seeds. 

You might ask: “Well how does that transfer to leads?” It’s a very sales mentality to want more leads over quality ones because you’re working twice as hard with people who haven’t been warmed up to your product/service. But one thing we feel strongly about is never promising a certain number of leads, clients, or sales. Why? Because quantity of leads doesn’t automatically translate to sales. The leads you’ll get from long term strategy are going to be way more qualified.

Here’s another metaphor for you: Sales mentality is hitting your head against the brick wall in the same place over and over expecting different results. Whereas, marketing mentality is walking around the building no matter how long it takes to find the RIGHT door to get in. So, if you’re done giving yourself a concussion trying to get somewhere without success, we want to help you stop that vicious cycle. Send us an email - we’ll bring the ice.


Honestly Great Marketing - Chewy

cat looking fiercely at camera
One of the many moods of Phoebe Ruth

This month’s Great Marketing shoutout goes to Chewy. As the new owner of a fierce little feline (pictured!), I knew that I was going to be using their services. My neighbor lost her dog a year ago and their customer service department is second to none with how lovely they are. They send cards, flowers and refund you for anything that shipped after your pet’s death - even telling her to donate that food to a local shelter when she was able. In a time where your grief is overwhelming, it’s a kindness that most corporations would scoff at, but what keeps Chewy customers loyal for years to come.

Honestly Bad Marketing - Yitty

Oh Lizzo, we had such faith in you. We won’t get into the multiple current controversies, but instead want to focus on the bad email marketing practices that Yitty has. Not only are they sending emails Every. Single. Day. But they also make it impossible to unsubscribe. So not only are you already exhausting your email base, but if they don’t remember their email and password you won’t unsubscribe them?! Oooof. Welp, now you’re getting marked as spam constantly, and are on the fast track to being blacklisted so nothing gets delivered. 

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