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Are you feeling discouraged lately?

The earth is warming, it seems like we may be on the brink of another world war, and burnout is being felt by everyone everywhere because it seems no matter how hard we work or how hard we try we’re just scraping by. I mean, even on Linkedin a job is up for 2 hours and has 1000+ applicants - it’s a losing battle.

I’ve been there - I’ve essentially been laid off at every job I’ve ever had, save for the few that I left on my own accord. I kept wondering what I was doing wrong - I gave 120% for every job I had until my last one, because I hit my breaking point. I was sick of people overlooking my ideas, getting credit for them, or ignoring my warnings until it was too late, and I had to clean it up. It’s enough to break your spirit if you let it.

But then the universe aligned for me. I’d say it was luck but at 2am one night after Alex and I discussed starting this company I truly saw it laid out so clearly - a beautiful series of events that lead me to that exact moment, all my heartbreak, all my triumphs, all the mistakes I learned from*. Everything had prepared me for this venture, and I just knew. I wanted to help people get out from the chokehold that corporate business has fooled us into - that constant grind where we lose ourselves to get just a fraction further. Why can’t you make your passion your job? We should be helping each other instead of competing for these low-paying/high stress jobs that they’re dangling in front of us, where that raise you were suppose to get is pushed off "til next year" because the CEO needs a new yacht.

Unfortunately, what it boils down to is that deep down, people think it’s what they deserve. Society has conditioned us to take the small crumbs they give us and be grateful, whether it’s jobs, landlords or politicians. Welp - we’re sick of it. And I bet you are too.

So the question is - are you ready to break the mold they made for you? Is it possible to make your side gig or your passion project a profitable avenue that you can rely on for years to come? We want to make it so you’re not only financially stable but can count on the fact that you’ll never get laid off again  - because at the end of the day the CEO of your company should absolutely value your contribution (especially if it’s you).


And now, a new series to finish this up: Introducing Honestly Great Marketing and Honestly Bad Marketing. We’ll have an example every month of either a concept or biz that’s doing it right, and one that’s… not.

Honestly Great Marketing: Sweetheart taking their misprinted candy hearts and marketing them as “Sweethearts: Situationships - Messages as blurry as your relationship”. Not only is it a great way to make a little extra money off what would usually be a net loss, but also capitalizing on current societal trends in relationships. Truly brilliant, and though this marketer thinks we all deserve better than situationships, I can’t help but smile and tip my proverbial hat to the Sweethearts creative team.

Honestly Bad Marketing: Any company that buys their email lists. This is the quickest way to kill a company, and I’ve seen it firsthand. Sure, it’s a quick win but quality leads that are actually going to pay out never come from these lists - it comes from finding people that actually want to hear from you, and committing to the long game. The other downfall is how quickly you’ll be blacklisted by Google, which is not a good time - trust us (we’ll get into it another time about how important it is to stay on their good side).

*This song that really encapsulated that moment

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