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Why Ai won't be apart of our future

A huge topic trending in the mainstream (and in marketing!) right now is Artificial Intelligence. From ChatGPT to Photoleap, and Google’s recent change to their search engine, it seems like everyone thinks that this is the next big leap in technology and will be around permanently. However, what may seem like an easy shortcut is quickly becoming a huge problem, not only technically, but morally, when it comes down to it.

Ai is marketed as something that helps and entertains people - the newest frontier to explore. It’s said that it’s going to make our lives easier and get us to be healthier, as it’s even used to diagnose patients in healthcare. These all seem like great things, but from the very jump, there is just always something off, humans need to correct it, and it seems to be “learning” the wrong things. Take the healthcare example - in one study, Ai “consistently misdiagnosed patients” causing harm to them and that “an AI model consistently underdiagnosed female patients for heart disease.” 

Not only is Ai as good as the people it learns from, but it’s also bad in terms of climate change. It’s overloading our power grids amongst more record breaking temps that require us to need electricity to keep cool, but it’s also eating up water that people need to survive. Add in that it’s mostly just plagiarized work that creatives have done and all the horrible things it can be used for - there’s just no valid argument for it to stay. It’s taking jobs, resources and energy away, so there is a price to pay for the convenience, it’s just a slow burn that people will pay for later. (We’re not even going to get into all the cinematic warnings that we’ve gotten, drop your fav in the comments below!)

At HGM, we work hard on the tools for your business without the use of Ai, but with real life creatives who love what they do. Everything you’ll get from us is 98% human (because we all need spell check every once in a while and will happily admit that) and is created to make you feel something, even if it’s subtle. We’re driven by empathy, compassion and strong moral compass and those are intangible things that Ai can’t replicate, no matter how hard it tries. And art is nothing without those human elements…the exception being when humans write about it for art, like the cinematic masterpiece iRobot (and yes, I know it’s about a robot with a soul BUT the main villain was Ai…)

In the end, Ai is going to be a passing fad, similar to bitcoin and NFTs, and anyone who tells you differently isn’t seeing the big picture. There’s a new frontier coming, but it’s going to be led by systemic social change and the small business community - not by the billionaire tech bros. 

So if you’re interested in building a strong foundation for your small biz to flourish, schedule some time on our calendar for a discovery call to see if we’re a good partnership for your needs!


Honestly Great Marketing - Range Rover

While there’s a definite downside for the people trying to use this road, we will say this is some great brand marketing for Range Rover. A brand that has made itself a luxury car that really isn't associated with off roading is trying to get back to its roots of doing just that. While we’re not big Rover fans, we can absolutely respect the rebranding play. We shall see how it pans out!

Honestly Bad Marketing - Google Ai

From funny to downright wrong, here are our favorite examples of Google’s Ai failures based on this article compiled by Jeremiah Johnson:

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